For 500 euros/m², you may have a modern timber frame house, just like the one in Bacau

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Modern architecture, flawless finishing, and cosy indoor atmosphere. The owners of this house in Bacau decided to build a timber frame home because of the short erection time, quality materials and very attractive price – 500 euros/m². They called upon architect Radu Dobreanu for the design of a spacious and bright house to ensure the comfort for them and their two children. The architect took into account their wishes, the shape and orientation of the ground, and of course the budget. Therefore, he proposed a timber frame system house, meaning a prefabricated walls house to be assembled on site, and not every piece of wood like in the case of log houses, for example. And the result was exceptional!

Yes, it is true! You may see that part of exterior walls are rendered, but you should know that the entire house is on timber frame. The EcoKit people, with their factory and work-rooms near Bacau, at merely 5km, got their fame due to the quality they provide. They have a branch office in France, where they built a lot of timber frame homes together with their French partners. In Romania, people look more for the price and they do not always choose the best materials, although 500 euros/m² means more than a solid home for life. It means a house for which gas and hot water bills in a heavy winter, like the one in 2012 – 2013, were merely 100 euros in December-January, for a 237 m² house. How is it in a mild winter? The bill goes to almost 50 euros. This is how we usually pay for an apartment, not for a big home like this one!

I loved how they combined facades’ finishing. In spite of the simple shape, by the way they put together timber panelling and rendered area, the image of the house is very appealing. The garden is also a big plus, beautifully designed by Verde Plus Décor Bacau, offering a nice view from the large windows providing the indoor light. How is the house organized? On the ground floor we have a living, kitchen, dining-room, bathroom, technical room, garage, and on the first floor we have 3 bedrooms, one office, a dressing, and two bathrooms. Of course, as you can see, the ground floor also offers a large terrace of about 36 m², near the barbecue space.

I was telling you that they chose a timber frame for the short construction time. How long did it take? The house was erected in 2012. In May they poured the foundation and they let it dry to July. I did not know this, but they say you must let the concrete foundation dry for at least 21 days. From July to October the house was built, so in only 3 month this family from Bacau had their dream house. And yes, they did not go for poor quality. They listened to their building contractor, from rock wool insulation up to triple glazing Rehau windows. After all, a house is for life, and this kind of elements and construction materials are there to stay. The windows are not only triple glazed, but also bi-coloured, having different interior and exterior colours. The young couple told me that it was not much more expensive, but it looks a lot better and they are happy with their choice.

They wanted a modern interior design, easy to support and, by any means, bright. Therefore, the called upon designer Teodora Nicodim, who made the interior design project and helped them choose what was the best for them, from finishing to interior decoration. I love the inside light and the fact that most of windows have a view to the green and carefully attended garden, which will become in time a genuine green oasis. Judging by the whole aspect, I think 500 euros/m² is not expensive at all, and considering the bills for 237 m², it is more than tempting. Look, if you want to contact architect Radu Dobreanu, here is his web page, where you can find a lot of designs, as for EcoKit, here is their site. Nice house! I hope it inspires you too!

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