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Why are timber frame houses resistant to earthquakes and weather?



People tends to discuss lately about earthquakes and buildings’ resistance to this natural phenomena.

EcoKit timber frame houses, made of milled timber, are made to resist to any kind of stress (earthquakes, fires, floods), and to have very long life-span. Wood is wrongfully seen as a less resistant material, but the resistance for more than a few hundred years of several wooden buildings prove this is not true.

A quality timber, rightfully prepared for construction (to the aforementioned standards) is resistant to water, fire, biological agents, while an appropriately designed and assembled structure gives the building uprightness and resistance, including to earthquakes.

More than this, wood’s natural elasticity is an important asset of a quality timber frame house, of European standards, compared to a rigid material building, in case of an earthquake.

Timber has an elastic behaviour compared to concrete/brick/AAC building, which in the case of a normal earthquake do not contort, but they crack or even broke, while wooden or metal structure reversibly contort up to a certain degree. Timber has a mechanical shock absorption capacity much higher than inflexible materials, such as concrete. Plus, a timber frame has an excellent resistance/weight ratio.

In order to ensure the highest seismic resistance, timber must be perfectly prepared in all stages and rightfully used, in sufficient quantities, as well as the metal connectors must ensure the perfect connexion.

We will be back on this matter, to show you some demonstrations by our international partners, and about water and fire resistance of EcoKit timber frame houses we will speak when we present the insulation stage and elements.


EcoKit frame is made of the European standard timber and OSB boards, purchased from great European producers, with all quality and conformity certificates and CE marking.

The first stage in the manufacturing of the structure is the execution drawing. EcoKit uses specialized software to be sure all specifications are respected down to the last detail. These software help to determine loads and strengths, so that all EcoKit houses are structurally calculated according to the area they are about to be erected, taking into account loads in that particular area (snow, wind, earthquakes).

For each house, EcoKit team makes an execution-assembly drawing, of which the clients gets a copy, and in which all structural elements are detailed. Each timber element is listed and numbered, nothing is left chance.

The wall panels are balanced and calibrated on special assembly tables, with air-operated compression, having as fixing elements special resin nails, fixed by compressed-air gun. Under pressure, the resin from the nails warms and swells, so that the elements’ binding is extremely string.

OSB boards are cut over a special machine, ensuring the perfect cut and then fixed on the frame by the help of special staples ensuring a perfect binding.

The frame assembly is made by a special, highly experienced team, according to the execution-assembly drawings made by our engineering department. The assembly team sees that the foundation meet all quality requirements before starting to assemble the panels, and then mounts all elements according to the instructions in the assembly plan, thoroughly observed in order to give stability to the construction.

Strictly following all these rules, stages and procedures guarantees a high resistance of EcoKit timber frame houses, with regard to weather as well as to time. Thus, none of our customers is worrying about earthquakes or bad weather stress.

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