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How does timber become a reliable construction material…



Here, at EcoKit, we have been building for some time high quality timber frame houses. Most of our houses ended up in France, since there the quality was, ever since the beginning, the main criterion in choosing a timber frame house. Lately, the need for quality occurred to Romanian clients, therefore we prepared ourselves to show them the quality standards we incorporated in our products, in our factory and in all our manufacturing processes all over the years.

Let’s start from the beginning. For a quality timber home, the beginning is the raw material, which is wood. The wood EcoKit uses for the frames bears the CE marking (to prove it complies with EU specifications with regard to consumers’ health and safety, but also health and safety of the environment). This marking guarantees once again the strict compliance with the 3 essential processes of timber milling: drying, sorting – planing, and treating. As you are about to see, all materials we use bear this mark, as a guarantee of EcoKit timber frame houses quality.



In order to ensure the weather resistance, as well as maximum durability, timber must be carefully prepared by respecting all stages, according to the same rules, every time. By our procedures, we make sure that each of the stages gates all of our required attention so that the finished product becomes a quality standard.



For example, timber is left to air-dry before the electronically controlled dry process, it is then acclimatized before getting to next stage. We then plane it in our factory, on all 4 sides in order to obtain perfectly straight boards and without hidden defects. Even if the smoothing process may incur raw material waste, we consider it necessary to deliver a planed timber to meet our quality standards.




Then, to acquire its resistance in time, timber is treated in two ways:

  • Timber used as a base for vertical walls’ structure, or the “lower plate”, is treated in autoclave by a British company (specialized in these processes and issuing a quality and conformity certificate).
  • Timber used in the frame is treated in our Bacau factory, by immersion, and not by spraying or brushing, this being the only way the substance penetrates homogenously and uniformly the timber. The two types of treatment ensure the absence of any kind of organism – wood-worms, insects, as well as the resistance to humidity and fire.



Another very important material class for the stability of the frame and its resistance in time is represented by the connectors and metal elements. EcoKit only uses connectors and elements from certified producers, galvanized CE marked products. The very uprightness of the building depends on the correct use of these elements.


For the inside insulation, the one ensuring the thermal and sound comfort of the home, EcoKit uses normally glass wool from renown European producers with conformity certificates and CE marking. EcoKit recommends the rock wool which, due to higher density, ensures a better thermal inertia and sound insulation. EcoKit customers may also choose 100% natural materials, such as wood wool.


Therefore, a modern, quality timber frame house means quality raw materials and an impeccable production process. When you think of a quality wooden house, we invite you to think of a modern home, made of long processed timber for a long life-span, and not to a log chalet.

We also invite you to read the other articles on the blog to see other ways we use to ensure the quality of our products and a high comfort for all of our customers.

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