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EcoKit breaks down the false myths around timber frame houses



Here at EcoKit we always make the difference between the milled timber we as a strong and flexible construction material, and logs cut down with an axe still used today for log chalets in areas where there is no other solution.


Well, in modern Romania there are modern solutions, and thus we can break down, with the same precision we assemble the components of a house, the biggest myths existing about using wood as construction material for homes or even for larger buildings.


First myth: timber does not last in time. Yes, this is true, raw timber is a soft material which, if left in its natural aspect, will be fast and irrecoverably attacked by biological and chemical processes. But here at EcoKit we transform the raw timber into one of the most used construction materials, we carefully prepare it, we treat it against biological agents, we dry it to optimal conditions, etc.


For a quality timber construction, we must observe all stages and processes concerning the wood milling. The wood EcoKit uses for the frames bears the CE marking (to prove it complies with EU specifications with regard to consumers’ health and safety, but also health and safety of the environment). This marking guarantees once again the strict compliance with the 3 essential processes of timber milling: drying, sorting – planing, and treating. Moreover, during the smoothing process we eliminate the possible hidden defects.



To prove the wooden buildings’ resistance, there is a series of still functional timber homes in North America, built at the beginning of the 17th century. In France there are also over 500 year-old wooden houses.


For those of you who want to find out in detail how this process take place, here is an article on this on our blog: How does timber become a reliable construction material.


And if you want why a timber frame house resists event to an earthquake, we invite you to read the article on this matter.


The second myth: wood creaks. Yes, when it is not perfectly straightened and the connexions between elements are not perfect, as is it possible that the elements move, a wooden construction may create unpleasant noises.


This is why all EcoKit houses are assembled according to a drawing, and all the elements and connectors, galvanized CE marked products, come from certified producers. Each wooden elements is listed and numbered, nothing is left to chance.

The very uprightness of the building depends on the correct use, and in sufficient quantities, of all connecting elements. We could say that those constructions that now only “creak” may even become dangerous for their dwellers, as these creaks may be a sign for future resistance problems of the entire building.


The third myth: wooden houses must look like a chalet. The only element the two construction types have in common is wood. The client is the one to decide the architectural style, and any design he may imagine can be adapted for a timber structure, due to modern design technologies. By joining the wall panels between them, we may obtain a modern design, to which we may add other elements to get the aspect of a modern home. You can see on our site some of the standard design models we can offer turnkey, or you can contact us to tell our colleagues in the design department what you have in mind.



If you heard other myths concerning the wooden houses, please let us know and we will treat them in a future article, here on our blog.

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